Volunteers form an integral part of Brockville & Area Community Living Association. They help us provide very individualized support in times where financial resources may be limited.

Volunteers help us with:

  • Fundraising
  • Leisure activities
  • building friendships
  • Recreation, dances, bowling, soccer, swimming, horseback riding, and other sports activities utilizing generic resources in the community
  • Literacy
  • Bolstering membership in our Association
  • Connecting our individuals in the community
  • Being involved in local, regional, and provincial committees
  • Advocacy
  • Fulfilling Board of Director requirements

It is important to recognize and define the role of a volunteer, and to understand that the volunteer has as many expectations of us, as we do of them. An overview of From a Volunteer’s Viewpoint which follows articulates some of those expectations.

We’ve considered the needs of the volunteer:

  • I need a sense of belonging, a feeling that I am honestly needed for my l self, not just for my hands, nor because I take orders well.
  • I need to have a sense of sharing in planning our objectives. My need will be satisfied only when I feel that my ideas have had a fair hearing.
  • I need to feel that the goals and objectives arrived at are within reach and that they make sense to me.
  • I need to feel that what I’m doing has a real purpose or contributes to human welfare - that its value extends even beyond my personal gain, or yours.
  • I need to share in making the rules by which, together, we share, live and work towards our goals.
  • I need to know in some clear detail just what is expected of me - not only my detailed task but where I have the opportunity to make personal and final decisions.
  • I need to have some responsibilities that challenge, that are within the range of my abilities and interest, and that contribute toward reaching my assigned goal, and that cover all goals.
  • I need to see that progress is being made toward the goals we have set.
  • I need to be kept informed. What I’m not up on, I may be down on. (Keeping me informed is one way to give me status as an individual.)
  • I need to have confidence in those who guide my efforts - confidence based upon an assurance of consistent fair treatment, or recognition when it is due, and trust that loyalty will bring increased security.